Our membership is open to anyone who appreciates that no single ideology, political philosophy or religious doctrine can adequately arbitrate the mores of a multicultural society and that government, legislative and judicial authorities should be based on principles that transcend all creeds and divisions. Principles that work for society as a whole without unduly privileging those of a particular ideological, political or religious institution.

Students represent our core membership, but owing to OUSA regulations only 50% of our voting membership can consist of former or non-active students. Therefore our membership must maintain a constant balance between voting members and non-voting members to stay within regulatory requirement. Therefore former or non-active students will be constantly updated as to their voting status.

We are eager to engage with members of Faculty, who consider themselves secular; regardless of their current faculty status, whether current or former. However owing to OUSA regulations these Faculty members will be restricted to purely Advisory roles within our Standing Advisory Council.