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Mission Statement

Our Mission Statement: A concise summation of what we at Secular-OU stands for; -

• Secular Values.
• Human Rights & Equality Before the Law.
• Good Science.
• Recognition of Naturalistic Belief Systems.
• The Right to Choose & Change Beliefs.
• Membership: Open Too All.
• Politically Neutral, yet Democratic.

We stand for secular values in government and education, unbiased by irrational, ideological, political or religious influences.

We stand for individual human and civil rights as well as equality before the law.

We stand for good science, scientific awareness and science education and oppose any attempt to curtail or unduly influence scientific progress and the dissemination of scientific knowledge and understanding.

We stand for the recognition of naturalistic and non-religious belief systems as a legitimate and fulfilling alternative to supernatural religious doctrines.

We stand for the individuals’ right to choose what they believe without childhood indoctrination or the coercion of bribery, guilt, fear or intimidation.

Our membership is open to anyone who appreciates that no single ideology, political philosophy or religious doctrine can adequately arbitrate the mores of a multicultural society and that government, legislative and judicial authorities should be based on principles that transcend all creeds and divisions. Principles that work for society as a whole without unduly privileging those of a particular ideological, political or religious institution.

We recognise no political affiliation save for the democracy, that comprises The Society's infrastructure.